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Install Mac OS X 10.8 Printer driver to V5-X

To install Index printer driver for Mac OS X 10.8. follow these steps:

  1. Download Mac OS X 10.8 Printer driver here
  2. Double click the printer driver file.
  3. Follow the installation guide for Mac OS X application.
  4. Go to System Preferences and select Print & Fax.
  5. Connect the embosser to the computer via the USB device port.
  6. Turn on the embosser and wait for the start-up message.
  7. Press the + button in the dialog box.
  8. Click on the embosser name.
  9. Choose Select Printer Software in the list box Print Using.
  10. Select your embosser model in the dialog.
  11. Press OK.
  12. Press Add.
  13. Exit System Preferences to complete the embosser installation.
  14. Connect the supplied USB cord to the USB device port.