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Local speech feedback upgrade V4 embossers 1.3.x and higher-X

If the embosser states "sentence number.." instead of a recorded message, most likely the speech file is not upgraded to the current firmware version.

By upgrading the local speech file you receive access to all currently available speech feedback languages, inclusive of languages in which were not available when the Index embosser was purchased. 

Speech Upgrade

Install the Index Braille Printer Driver 6  for 32 or 62 bits Windows OS, start the IbPrint drag-and-drop icon and make sure the V4 embosser is connected to the computer via USB. 

1. Check that the V4 embosser is equipped with firmware 1.3.x or higher. When pressing the HELP key, the embosser will report the current firmware version. If your embosser firmware needs to be upgraded please follow the instructions in the Firmware upgrade instructions

2. Download the selected local language from the list (example: V4 Speech 1.3.x Chinese Mandarin)

3. Start IbPrint

4. Drag-and-drop the (example: italian_V4_1_3_xx.ibe) file to IbPrint and, select embosser and press "Print".  Please do NOT select the "Advanced" button at IbPrint when making firmware upgrades. Wait for the "Index Basic/Everest V4" speech message, this informs you of a successful upgrade. Please do NOT power off the embosser at this time as it will destroy the SD card. 

5. Select the local speech you have installed in:
menu/ option/ speech feedback/ Speech feedback language/ arrow up/down to selected speech OK + menu to save

6. Your V4 embosser will now speak the selected local language.