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Give permanent IP-address V3 embosser-X

Server with DHCP support

  • Get and present IP address from server
    • Connect the embosser to your network, it will automatically get an IP address
    • Press Help+Help to emboss the IP address in letter graphics, example If the address is the network is without DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) support or improperly connected ,see instructions below.

Server without DHCP support

  • Setup a permanent IP address using the embosser web interface
    • Open your browser (do not use MS Explorer) and type the embosser IP address in the address window.
    • The Index braille embosser web interface will now open.
    • Select: Embosser Info, Network settings and press Edit
    • Select: DHCP Disable
    • Contact your network administrator to get the IP address, SubNet mask and Default Gateway. Type in the information.
    • Close the browser.
  • Press Help+Help to confirm IP address.
  • Label your embosser the IP address, example

Server without DHCP

This following describes how to give an Index embosser a permanent IP-address in a network without DHCP. To check if your network has DHCP, connect the Index embosser and press Help+Help. If the IP address is your network is without DHCP.
First the Index Embosser Utility program must be installed to the computer and the embosser connected with the USB cable. The Embosser Utility program is available on the Index Braille CD or Index Braille web site.
  • Start the Embosser Utility program
    • Select the menu tool/ IP Settings. Get the IP address, SubNet mask and Default gateway used in your network by the network administrator.
      • Fill in IP address
      • SubNet mask
      • Default Gateway
      • TFTP-Sever
    •  Press update to transfer the values to the embosser.
  • Press Help+Help to confirm the embosser IP address on paper.
  • Label your embosser with the IP address