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Setup IP with the BrailleApp on V5-X

  1. Connect your device (phone, PC, laptop, pad etc) to the same network as the wired network your V5 printer is connected to.
  2. Press HELP+10 on your printer to get the current wired network IP address e.g.
  3. Open the browser on your device and type above IP address. The braille-web-app will now be presented on your device.
  4. Press on the Action key (top right corner) and select Wi-Fi, the printer will now look for available Wi-Fi network and present them.
  5. Select your Wi-Fi network and press "Connect". Here you can select to insert "password", start WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) if your router support WPS or forget this network.
  6. During the search process the Blue Wi-Fi icon on the control panel will flicker. When Wi-Fi is address is established the Blue Wi-Fi icon is lighted. Both wired and Wi-Fi network are connected at this point, with two different IP addresses
  7. HELP+10 speech IP address speech feedback or HELP+1 to print the Network information page including IP address.
  8. Now the wired network cord can be disconnected and the V5 printing via the Wi-Fi IP port.