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FanFold-D Construction Concept->

Shared development investment

Fanfold-D V5 implements the outstanding technology developed in Basic-D, Everest-D and BrailleBox V5, and brings it forward to meet the demand in the traditional tractor-fed braille production market. Sharing many years of development investment, same firmware development platform and common parts make the price very competitive and the quality better than ever before.

FanFold, a smart combination of modules

The FanFold-D concept is simple. The three print heads of embossing module from BrailleBox are optimized. The formula tractors to put paper in are added. The same electronic board, power supply, user interface modules and firmware core are used as in BrailleBox.  All modules are placed in a ventilated, well-sealed acoustic hood with enough space to hold a full box of paper. Then it is ready!