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Index Compliant Braille Quality

Dot Hight 
The standard for printing braille is regulated in each country. The required height of the braille dot is set to minimum 0,48 mm. Index V5 has a hight of 0,50 mm which exceeds all requirements. This dot height will be maintained even during continuous printing. In older models of braille printers using solenoids there was sometimes a need to cool down the printer. This is NOT the case with Index V5 printers equipped with the new generation solenoids. 

Braille dot form
The braille dot produced by Index V5 follows a sphere with a diameter of 1,65 mm. It is homogeneously formed with similar elongation over the whole dot surface. The increase the strength of the dot, reduces the risk for cracks and improves the braille readability. 

Braille dot position on the paper
In Index V5 printers the braille dot position is defined by the position of the printing head and the position of the paper movement. The braille dot can be placed anywhere on the paper with  0,1 mm precision. This enables the one headed printers (Basic-D, Everest-D) to print standard 2,5 mm braille and also Japanese 2,2 mm and Jumbo 3,2 mm braille. Index V5 supports 20 DPI tactile graphics. Index printers with more than one printing head supports 2,5 mm braille and tactile graphics.