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About remote support-X

Today with the use of the internet we are granted the opportunity to increase our customer value and support. In the past, servicing an embosser often required on site visitation or to ship the embosser back to the distributor or factory. By using the remote support function available in the Index V5 braille embossers, this is no longer necessary.

Now service may be provided instantly via the internet; requiring only a network connected V5 embosser and a remote support session in which is easily set up with only a few key strokes.

Connect to the Index server

Start a remote support session from the control panel of the embosser by selecting MENU/ Protected Services/ Remote Support/ Start remote support (from Firmware 2.1 and later). The Index embosser will connect to Index Braille's server in Sweden via a SSH tunnel (secure communication).

Once connected, the Index Braille support and development team may assist in the service of the embosser by accessing your embosser's internal software. From there they may diagnose and correct any issues that may have arisen.

Remote support web interface

A service web interface embedded in the V5 embosser is under development. With this it will be possible to easily find and correct a majority of service issues. This function is planned to be implemented and shared with the Index distributor network by the end of 2016.

Shared to trained distributor

Index Braille's ambition is to also supply these resources to a selected group of trained distributors. By using the same technology and connecting to the Index server, distributors will have the same monitor and repair resources as we do at Index Braille. In the event of a need for factory level support, the distributor and Index Braille's support team may simultaneously share the same embosser website (interface).