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BrailleBox V5 Pick-up motor issue-X

Description of the issue
The pick-up motor are connected with two screws. This screws may be a few tens of a millimeter too long, when tolerances in motor, screws and pick-up arm are considered. In extreme case, this screw may touch the rotor of the motor and damage it. At this point it has only happened during factory testing, but to remove the risk for damages at customers in the future it is recommended to ad locking washers.

This issue is only on BrailleBox V5 with a s/n below 65149.

It is easy to add locker washer
Index are sending washers and montage instructions by post to all distributors which has purchased BrailleBox V5. The adding of locker washer is a easy fix, please follow below instructions in the link below. 

If you have any further questions please contact support@indexbraille.com.