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Clean pick-up rollers - Everest-X

To improve the paper pick up quality of your Everest or 4x4 V4,V3, and V2:

  • Clean the pickup rollers with a very fine piece of sand paper. Hold the sand-paper against the pick-up rollers when rotating by pressing FEED. 
  • Check that the paper is of approved quality: professionally cut, straight (not curved or bent), weight between 120-180 gsm.
  • Make sure that the two paper guides are in position.
  • Adjust the sheet card selectors to the best suited position for your paper type- see instructions under "Sheet feeder adjustment Everest-D".
  • Adjust and lock the margin guides to the width of your paper.


To improve the quality of an older or muched used Everest and 4X4, we recommend changing the  sheet feeder.