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Remote Support for distributors

Remote support is available on Index V5 embossers when:

  • The distributor have login at remote.indexbraille.com
  • The V5 printer upgraded to firmware 2020-10-20 or higher
  • The V5 printer is connected to Internet via the wired or WiFi ports
  • Remote access is activated on the embosser by pressing HELP for 15 seconds
Get your login for the remote support site by:
  • Complete the Remote Support Access form
  • Index support team will reply with a mail including a link to the remote support site, your login name (email) and a picture of the temporary password.
Now login to remote.indexbraille.com and login with the email and password. 

By selecting "Embossers" the list with "your" embossers will be presented. By default "Your" Embossers are the ones sold by your company and connected to remote support will be displayed. Other embossers may be added by Index support. 

The Embosser page includes following information:
  • Embosser name and serial number
  • Embosser information where the most important are firmware, hammer batch, number of printed pages, manufacturing date, delivery date etc.
  • System log  - mainly development information
  • Update manager - mainly development information
  • Comments on this specific embosser. This is like a notebook where the technician can insert specific service information about this printer. The information will be available for other users with access to this printer. 
Remote support functions:
  • Update the embosser. The embosser firmware will be upgraded in the same way as upgrade from Internet from the control panel. After upgrade the printer will re-start and remote support will continue to be activated. 
  • Restart Embosser
  • Power off the Embosser
  • Disconnect Embosser. This function end the remote support session. 
Start BrailleApp
The BrailleApp web interface will be opened in a new page. The user have the same functions, information etc as when connected to a printer in the same network. Please find more information in below link. 
Information about Index BrailleApp