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Replace main board Basic-D V4-X

Remove the back plate

Remove the two screws on the bottom of the embosser

Remove the embossing head

  1. Remove the lock ring from the embossers head axle
  2. Remove the embosser head axle by pulling the motor side of the axle toward you.
  3. Remove the print head cord from the main board

Remove the faulty main board V4


  1. Take out the faulty main board by pressing upward and outward
  2. Remove all cords/cable from the faulty main board; Embosser head cable, Embosser head motor cable, Paper feed motor cable, Paper sensor cable, Paper movement sensor cable, speaker cable, fan and front panel cables (see image below)

Insert the new main board V4

  1. Connect all cords in the proper defined placement on the main board (see image below for reference) except the print head cord
  2. Place the main board into position and press it onto the four metallic clips

Insert the embosser head

  1. Insert the right side of the embosser head axle in the black plastic holder
  2. Lift the gear bar on to the embosser head on the print head motor gear wheel. 
  3. Lift the white spring stretcher on to the embosser head, simultaneously pressing inward the motor side (left) of the axle into the holder.                                                                                                                     Tip: To reach the gear bar and properly lift the part, you may use a screwdriver.
  4. Slide the lock ring into position
  5. Connect the print head cable

Mount the back plate

  1. Position the top of the plate into the track in the aluminum profile
  2. Insert and screw the two screws holding the back plate from the bottom end of the embosser