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Upgrade firmware 1.1.x via SD card-X

To upgrade from firmware 1.1.x with SD-cards, first contact support@indexbraille.com and request an SD card update for your embosser's unique serial number. Request the series of two SD-cards and they will be sent free of charge.

Please follow the instructions below carefully :

Step 1: Upgrade to new Linux operation system

  • Insert the SD-card labeled "1" in the embosser and power on.
  • When the embosser has started up it is in Index Universal mode.
  • Press OK to enter model selection mode.
  • Press OK to select universal model.
  • The embosser will now start to upgrade from SD-card 1. It will beep during the upgrade process, this can take up to 10 minutes. The upgrade is completed when the beeping stops.

This process loads a new version of the LINUX operation system into the embosser. 

  • Unplug the power cord by gently pulling on the rectangular area near the power contact to the main board. 

Step 2: Upgrade to latest firmware and select embosser model

  • Insert the second SD-card containing the latest firmware version.
  • Plug in the power cord and the embosser will restart.
  • The embosser will restart as Index Braille universal (without defined embosser model). 
  • Press OK to open the listing of embosser models.
  • Use UP or DOWN keys to select your model of embosser.
  • Press OK to select your embosser model (Basic-D or Everest-D) and the embosser will start a new update process. It will beep during the upgrade process, this may take a few minutes.
  • The embosser will restart automatically when the upgrade is completed.

Step 3: Give the embosser correct serial number
The serial number in the embosser needs updating. Follow the following steps:

  • Download file File to change serial number - ESC_C-SerialNo or located in Downloads and save it on the desktop or somewhere you will remember.
  • Open the file in Notepad
  • Change 50000 to the serial number seen on the serial number (silver) label on the embosser.
  • Change the date 2011-08-16 to the date on the serial number label.
  • Save the file via IbPrint
  • The embosser will print two pages. First, is a hammer test page and the second is an embosser information page.
  • If the model is Everest you need to calibrate the paper movement to your paper quality, this is done in menu/system/calibration.

Step 4: Further firmware or speech feedback upgrade
After the above upgrade the V4 embosser may be upgraded to new firmware revisions, new speech interface languages etc by downloading the file from the Index Braille web and sending revisions to the embosser via IbPrint.