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Fix tilted/faulty hammer V3/V4

Before fixing a hammer, verify that you are focus on correct hammer by:

  • Make a arrow on the not printed braille paper so your now the printing direction and fron/back side.
  • Press Help+On line to start embossing of the hammer test page see below video.
  • Now evaluate the embossing test page printout with corresponding hammers in the embossin head.

In all V4 embossers the hammers may be replaces or placed in correct position indiviually. Please see instruction in below video:

If a hammer is not in its correct position it can cause the braille printing to print improperly. If you have performed a hammer test and visually see that the hammer is printing however the print may be of poor quality or faulty you may need to adjust the hammer. Please consult the below video how to adjust the hammers in the embosser head:

Note: if you complete a hammer test again after you have adjusted all hammers into position according to the above film and the hammers appear to still print faulty by hammer test you may need to change the hammer completely.