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V4 Power trouble shooting

Power ON steps:

  • Insert the 48 V connector from the separate power supply into the embosser's power input.
  • Connect the power cable to a grounded power outlet.
  • The V4 embosser will start up when power is connected. It takes approximately 40 seconds while the fan blows and the start up sequence is completed. The embosser is ready to use after it echoes the brand name.
  • If the power cable has already been connected, power on the embosser by pressing the ON key on the control panel.

Power OFF by

Power OFF the embosser by holding the OFF key on the control panel for 2 seconds. This is
verified by echo: "Embosser is shutting down". The embosser is now powered off and the
fan has stopped blowing. This command will turn off the embosser and remove all Braille
documents from the embosser's memory.

Braille Box 

Please turn ON and OFF the Braille Box by pressing ON or OFF on the top switch panel for two seconds. Please do NOT use the mechanical on/off switch on the backside of the Braille Box.