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Adjustment of cutting position Acoustic Hood Basic V4

In order to properly use the paper cutting mechanism in the Acoustic Hood Basic V4 some adjustments will need to be made. 

Requirements for using the Acoustic Hood Basic V4:

In the event that the cutting position does not fit in relevance to the pre-perforation of your paper please check:
  • The used paper corresponds with the paper size setting of the Basic-D
  • Make sure the embosser feet are properly positioned into the corresponding holes with in the shelf.
  • The Basic-D V4 embosser is equipped with Firmware 1.5.3 or higher (press HELP on the embosser's interface panel to identify your current version)
  • Check the embosser interface panel by pressing Menu/system//braille block position///feed//// is 86 mm
  • If all of the above is correct and the position is still not perfect, the cutting position may be finely adjusted following below description

Fine adjustment of the paper cutting position. 

1=0,1 mm
10=1,0 mm

  • chs = change between positive (move backwards) and negative (move forward)
  • Menu/System//Braille Block Position/// Adjust stand by position (4:th menu down) press OK
  • Now adjust the position by 1/10/chs until correct compensation has been reach, save the value with OK.
  • Press Menu to save the new fine adjustment setting of paper cutting position.