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Paper jam message on Basic-D V4-X

The paper jam sensor is located in the on left paper tractor. When the paper is moving, the tractor holes are passing over this sensor and it switches between on and off which confirms the paper movement. The sensor may be checked by the yellow LED on the back plate of the embosser. Yellow light on=paper, yellow light of= no paper. 

In early Basic-D (serial no 54465 an lower) the paper jam sensor function was not implemented in the firmware and the sensor itself did not have a stable function. When upgrading this batch of Basic-D embossers to Firmware 1.5.1 (check) the paper jam sensor was turned on, at the same time the sensor was on all the time, which generated a faulty "paper jam" message.

Send the file  "ESC C-Paper-jam-sensor-OFF-Basic.txt" to your Basic with the IbPrint file transfer program to disable the paper jam sensor.