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Keyboard adjustment of "distance from wall"-X

Instructions on how to adjust "distance from wall" via keyboard.

The reference position of each embossing head has to be calibrated correctly. If this is faulty the embossed line with have one or two small "jumps" on the braille line.  This instruction is for Braille Box only.

Before starting the adjustment:

  • Upgrade the embosser firmware to latest version it has to be 1.5.2 or higher. 

Start "distance from wall" adjustement by:

  • First enter service mode by pressing [FEED] + [10]. The embosser will announce firmware information.
  • Press [1] to enter "distance from wall - adjustment mode"
  • Embosser head 1 is always selected first, when entering "distance from wall - adjustment mode".
  • Embosser will now say the "distance from wall" setting for embosser head 1.

 Available keys in this mode:

  • [ON]         : Print test page (no save)
  • [UP]          : Say current "distance from wall"-setting for selected embosser head
  • [DOWN]  : Select next embosser head
  • [10]           : Increase/Decrease distance from wall setting by 0.25 mm
  • [1]             : Increase/Decrease distance from wall setting by 0.1 mm
  • [CHS]       : Switch between Increase and Decrease
  • [OK]         : Save new setting and print test page
  • [LEFT]     : Return to service mode.

 Notes when adjusting distance from wall:

  • Changes are always made to the selected embosser head. In order to make changes to several embosser heads, select each of the desired embosser heads in turn and make the settings you want for that head. When [OK] is pressed the settings for all the headers will be saved.
  • Selecting embosser head is done by using [DOWN].
  • Currently it is not possible to interrupt the synthetic speech; the entire phrase must be said before it is possible to interact with the embosser via the keyboard. (Development is looking into making this possible in the future.)