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Everest-D V4 Paper setup troubleshooting-X

Improvements on V4 sheet feeders

In Everest V3 and below the pick up rollers was started without controlled acceleration. This was too fast and on some paper quality the standing friction grip was lost. In V4 an acceleration sequence is added and the pick up quality if further improved.

First make sure you have correct paper size installed on the embosser. Press HELP to get an voice confirmation of your paper size.

  • Insert the two transparent paper support on the sheet feeder
  • Adjust the angle of the paper out profile and the position of the braille out guides to fit your paper size and acoustic cabinet etc.
  • Adjust the sheet feeder guides and sheet/card selectors (7 steps) to your paper quality.
    Sheet feeder adjustment instruction
  • If the surfase of the pick-up roller has become less "sticky" clean them.
    Clean pick-up rollers
  • Emboss a "braille format page" where embossing area, margins etc are presented by pressing HELP+OFF