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Replace solenoid driver V4/V5

Service document – Replacing solenoid driver
Date: 2019-11-12
Part 1 is for:

  • Basic-D V4, Main electronic board, PCB 1360A
  • Everest-D V4, Main electronic board, PCB 1360A
  • Basic-D V5, Main electronic board, PCB 1365A
  • Everest-D V5, Main electronic board, PCB 1365A
Part 2 is for:
  • BrailleBox V4, Driver electronic board, PCB 1362B
  • BrailleBox V5, Driver electronic board, PCB 1365B
Skill level and soldering
- Good service knowledge of Index Braille printers. 
- Soldering of PCB components must be done with personal with soldering experience.
- Use soldering equipment that can handle surface montage components.

Identify which solenoid number (1 to 13) that is not working by printing a “hammer test page”. Print it by pressing HELP followed by ON or from the control panel:
MENU/Print/ Print Test document/ Print hammer test/ OK
On the “hammer test page” it is easy to find the faulty solenoid driver.
Dismount the main electronic board on Basic/Everest or the driver electronic board on BrailleBox/FanFold.

Material – Components to be replaced
For each solenoid driver normally two components must be replaced.
Resistor, marking R<number>. Type: 0.1R, Size 1218, 1W, Mfr: Yageo No: RL1218FK-070R1L
Transistor, marking TH<number>. Type: N-MOSFET, Size D-PAK, 150V, 24A, Mfr:IR/Infineon No: IRFR24N15D
Components can be bought catalogues distributors worldwide. Local distributor can also be used, for that you need to investigate locally. 
Example catalogue distributors.
Mouser: https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Yageo/RL1218FK-070R1L?qs=%2Fha2pyFaduhMXcbYXT%252BqUt9bzQwE2JLu%2F0UthSZN1V%252BczcVoPX8PnA%3D%3D
Farnell: https://se.farnell.com/yageo/rl1218fk-070r1l/motst-tjockfilm-0r1-1-1w-1218/dp/1377031
Mouser: https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Infineon-Technologies/IRFR24N15DTRPBF?qs=%2Fha2pyFadugXD2Yv9aY2YXAhvEoQhaJGG%252BIvDQeyXGZh3OnR%2FqOV0w%3D%3D
Digikey: https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/infineon-technologies/IRFR24N15DTRPBF/IRFR24N15DTRPBFCT-ND/2441041
Component location on electronic board
The positions of the driver resistor/transistor are the same for Basic-D and Everest-D V4 and V5, see below picture.  The yellow marking shows transistor and corresponding resistor for each solenoid marked with solenoid number.  

Component location on BrailleBox/FanFold-D driver electronic boards
For BrailleBox/FanFold V4 and V5 the position of the resistors and transistors are on the same place, see below pictures.
The yellow marking shows transistor and resistor for each solenoid marked with solenoid number.