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Sheet feeder adjustment Everest-D-X

Insert your paper and move the sheet card selectors to the lowest position.

Press form feed to feed a single sheet of paper


  • If the feed is successful, please move both sheet  card selectors one step up and repeat the form feed test. Continue moving the selectors upward one notch until the paper is not easily grabbed and may perform a double feed.
  • Lower the sheet card selector one step
  • Your sheet feeder is now set for stable use for your paper type. You may complete one final feed to ensure the position of the sheet card selectors are correct before you begin to emboss.

Please visit our youtube channel to see the video clip - Sheet card paper quality exchange. Note: The video includes a V3 embosser, however adjusting the sheet feeder is the same process for V4 as well.



To Improve an older Everest or 4X4 PRO

One of the most effective ways to improve an older Index Everest is to replace the sheet feeder to latest version. Simply order a replacement of the sheet feeder and replace by  simply following the video instructions

The new sheet feeder may be used for Everest and 4X4 PRO V4, V3 and V2.

Note: Though V2 embossers are no longer supported, the sheet feeder is one of few parts that may be exchanged with a V3 sheet feeder.

Improvements to the V4 sheet feeder: installation of a stronger spring to press against the pick up rollers resulting in better than ever seen pick-up quality.