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Upgrade your login to distributor access

If you do not already have an account at www.indexbraille.com, go to login and arrange it. 

Get distributor access by:

  • Send an email to support@indexbraille.com with the request to get distributor access. Include following information:
    • Your email address = Your account details at www.indexbraille.com
    • Company name, address, web address
    • Your name, email and mobile phone
    • A description how you are working with Index printers
  • Your mail will get an Automatic reply with a Support ID number
  • If there are any open questions, a representative from Index will contact you.
  • If everyting is OK, your account is upgraded to distributor access and you get a mail confirming this from Index (Same ID number)
After login you can now access this distributor pages.

Link to upgrade your login to developer access