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How to print from USB memory-X

Connect your personal USB memory stick to the USB host port connector on the V5 Index braille embosser. 

Currently supported file formats for direct braille printing from USB are: .doc, .pdf, .txt and .brf. The braille translation (contracted or literary braille) will be made following the setup of the active layout settings in the braille embosser. 

To print a file:

  • Press the MENU key on the control panel of the V5 embosser to begin, select print/ print from USB memory stick.
  • Press OK; the embosser will begin to echo the folder and file names available from the root directory of the USB memory stick. Use the arrow keys (up or down) to select the folder and/or file to be used, then press OK to print the file or go to the next folder. 
  • The V5 embosser will directly start to emboss the braille document using idB following the settings in active setup settings of the embosser.