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Setup of static wired IP V5 from control panel-X

Select edit static Network address (IP Internet Protocol) in:

menu/ communication/ wizard for wired network, press OK to start.

Setup of static IP address Instructions Additional info
Select static IP address arrow up/down+OK
arrow right for next step
the IP address
Current IP address is
Echo, Static IP address
OK to edit it
Arrow right to next step
Static IP has to
be selected
IP block 1 (192) Edit block 1
Arrow right to next step
Edit with key 1, 10
and chs
IP block 2 (168) Edit block 2
Arrow right to next step
IP block 3 (1) Edit block 3
Arrow right to next step
IP block 4 (10) Edit block 4
OK to save this setting
and continue in the
Netmask Same structure as IP  
Gateway Same structure as IP  
Dynamic name server Same structure as IP  
Wizard completed Press OK to save or
ON to cancel