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V5 Layout factory default settings->

The V5 embosser series includes default factory settings for each embosser model.

BrailleBox V5 factory default settings
Layout 1 default

Layout Paper size Print type Folding line Braille translation Lines per page Top Margin Braille page # Characters per line Binding margin
1 A3 booklet strong  English
27 1 bottom 28 3 characters
2 Tabloid (11x17) booklet strong English (unified) 25 1 top-right 29 3 characters
3 11.5x11 double-sided strong English (unified) 25 1 top-right 43 3 characters

*Default settings for Basic-D and Everest-D V5 will be published shortly once the products are released in production. 

To change any of these values you may enter the Standard Wizard in your V5 Braille embosser. Additionally available is distributor default settings in which are set by your distributor to match region specific Braille output standards. 

In the Advanced Wizard you can adjust the Line spacing, Braille cell size, Volume separation and Braille volume number.