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Braille editors

Using DBT with Index V5-X

Duxbury will implement V5 support by May 2016. Until then Index V5 embosses may be used by setting it up like corresponding V4 model.

odt2braille Installation-X

Odt2braille, the open office free braille editor, now supports Index V4 embossers. The biggest limitation is that you must use "Unspecified" embosser. With "Unspecified" you have to setup the lines per page and characters per line to the same values in the odt settings and embosser settings.

How to emboss from Mac-X

Embossing on a Mac is easy. There are though a few more more steps to preform in order to emboss on a mac than embossing on a Windows machine. The steps are however quite easy to learn. This document will show you the installation process and the steps to perform for embossing.

Error 213 - How to adjust to fit DBT lines/page-X

In V4 embossers, number of lines per page is sometimes calculated to a lower value than in Duxbury DBT. When this occurs the embosser stops and will echo Error 213. This is solved by sending a file to the embosser with IbPrint.

Getting started with Duxbury 11.1 SR4 -Generic-X

Duxbury 11.1 SR4, published 24/2-2012, supports Index V4 and V3 embossers. For the best support, it is important to have the latest Duxbury release. For installation purposes, the page layout set-up on the embosser and Duxbury page layout must correspond with one another.


WinBraille braille editor software is no longer supported. View for a list of recommended braille translation software.


Upgrade V3 to fit Win-8-X

By upgrading the firmware on an Index V3 embosser to 12.03.5 and latest Index printer driver Windows 8 support is implemented.

Local speech feedback upgrade V4 embossers 1.3.x and higher-X

The local speech on V4 embossers may be upgraded to the latest version. Before upgrading the embosser make sure it is equipped with firmware 1.3.3. or higher, that it is connected via USB using the Index V4 printer driver and that the IbPrint drag-and-drop icon is installed on your computer.


Gap between print head calibration

BrailleBox and FanFold: This function is used for calibration of the distance between the block of braille produced by one printing head to next printing head.

Head reference position

The adjustment of reference position for embossing head 1, 2 and 3. Positioning the braille block in a straight line in printers with several embossing heads. (BrailleBox, FanFold)

Delay time for solenoids

By adjusting the delay time for solenoids the vertical alignment of the braille cell is adjusted.

Everest V2 paper calibration-X

Complete a paper calibration if the page layout is abnormal, the pre-fold line is out of position or after reloading embosser firmware.

paper calibration - 4X4 PRO V2-X

If the page layout is abnormal(0 lines per page), the pre-folded line is out of position or after reloading the embosser firmware you will want to complete a paper calibration.


Install Index printer driver 5-X

Printer drivers are necessary for embossing. This step installs the Index Printer Driver and connects it to your Standard TCP/IP. Index Embosser: Firmware 12.02 and higher Server: MS Windows 2000 server Client: MS XP or Vista


Network setup from Embosser Utility V3-X

Setup network parameters with embosser utility. First establish communication, for example via an USB port. Embosser utility enables setup of all network parameters.

Give permanent IP-address V3 embosser-X

This section describes how to give an Index embosser a permanent IP-address. Index recommends the use of a static IP address for simplicity sake when connecting to a Braille embosser. Index Embosser: Firmware 12.02 and higher Server: MS Windows 2000 server Client: MS XP or Vista

Create network port V3-X

In order to install the embosser to a network, you must create a network port. This describes how to create a network printer port in Windows and connect it to the IP address of your Index embosser. Index Embosser: Firmware 12.02 and higher Server: MS Windows 2000 server Client: MS XP or Vista

Change from USB to network V3-X

The following defines the simplest method to connect the embosser to a network in which the embosser has already been installed via USB-port.


Remote Support for distributors

With remote support selected distributors and Index team have access to specified V5 embosser via Internet. With almost the same functionality as if the embosser is in the same office. This is a cool feature.

BrailleBox V5 Pick-up motor issue-X

The montage of the pick-up motor on BrailleBox V5 has been made with sligtly too long screews. To solve this potential issue is recommended to ad washers to the two screws.

Replace SD-card on Braille Box V4-X

It may be necessary to replace the SD-Card of the Braille Box in particular service instances. For example if the Braille Box has stopped in "read only stage" (Error 801) you may replace the SD card.

Replace main board Everest-D V4-X

The main board may require replacement if the embosser is down and not responding or has already been upgraded with a new SD-card. In the case of a hardware fault, for e.g. hammer drivers, motor drivers or communication issues.

Upgrade firmware 1.1.x via SD card-X

Firmware versions 1.1.x may be updated to the latest version 1.4.x by replacing the SD-Card on Basic-D and Everest-D V4 embossers. After the firmware upgrade, further upgrades are done via file transfer with ibprint. Firmware 1.1.x has been installed on embossers with serial numbers 50000-50298.

Replace main board Basic-D V4-X

The main board may require replacement if the embosser is down and it is not responding to a new SD-card. Or in the instance of a hardware fault as e.g. hammer drivers, motor drivers or communication issues. Please consult Index support.

Replace SD-card on Basic-D V4-X

It can be necessary to replace the SD-Card of a Basic-D V4. This may be needed in instances when the unit has stopped in the "read only stage," (Error 801) or when updating an embosser with firmware 1.1.x (serial number 5298 and below).

Replace SD-card on Everest-D V4

It can be necessary to replace the SD-Card of the Everest-D V4. This may be needed in instances when the unit has stopped in the "read only stage" (Error 801) or when updating an embosser with firmware 1.1.x (serial number 5298 and below).

Sheet card selector replacement - Everest-D V3-X

With V3 sheet feeders there was only two step levels for the sheet card selectors. You may upgrade your V3 sheet feeder with new sheet card selectors for several more options of paper quality.


How to find spare parts for Index Embossers

All spare parts for V3, V4 and V5 embossers are described; including the part number in the exploded view documents located in the "downloads" section. The spare part web shop is available for ordering spare parts; access to this function is required.

Everest-D V4 Paper setup troubleshooting-X

The sheet feeder is optimized for the use of braille paper and has probably the most stable functionality on the market. However it is important to know how to set it up correctly.

Paper jam message on Basic-D V4-X

If the Basic-D V4 echo message "paper jam" but the paper movement seems to be OK. This is typically an issue generated by a faulty sensor or sensor holder. It may be corrected by sending a file to disable the paper jam sensor.

Basic-D V4 start up trouble shooting-X

This guide describes how to ensure the Basic-D V4 has started up correctly as well as embossing properly the braille for each of the hammers. Please note, the content in this section is subject to change, we welcome your feedback.

Montage of Basic-D V4-X

This documents presents the final montage instruction and exploded view document Basic-D V4.

Fix tilted/faulty hammer V3/V4

Do you perform a hammer test and one or more of the hammers appear to not print properly? Check to see if you need to adjust the hammers.

Upgrade your login to distributor access

As a distributor you will receive additional access from our homepage including: sales and web shop, spare parts and repair, demos, downloads, volume discounts, support and knowledge base.

V4 Power trouble shooting

The Index V4 embosser is powered on and powered off by pressing the ON or OFF button for approximately two seconds.

Low braille quality on some hammers

Does it appear like dots are missing or your machine has begun embossing weak braille dots? Then you most likely need to change a hammer with in the embosser head.

Braille PDF/Word files directly in Windows

With Index-direct-Braille you may emboss a standard PDF/Word document , this is no longer required. Emboss literary or contracted braille simply by right click on your PDF/Word file and select you Index V4 embosser. The translation and formatting will be made by your V4 embosser.

Braille Box Improvements - Upgrades-X

The following list of improvements includes product changes and the date of implementation in the production. The Index policy for Braille Box upgrades is to offer upgraded parts to all Braille Box owners previous August 2013.

User interface


Floating page braille printing

With floating page it is possible to place dots on any position of the page, also to combine braille text and tactile pictures.

How to start a Team Viewer session-X

Index may support you by running a Team Viewer session in which our support team may take over your computer with this free remote control to help address and fix any service or support issues you may be experiencing.

Start PUTTY and the command -X

The V4 embosser may embossing processes may be viewed by the PUTTY terminal emulation software, a serial to usb converter and the embosser command center.

Liblouis Braille translation library-X

Liblouis is an open-source braille translator and back-translator. It features support for computer and literary braille, supports contracted and uncontracted translation for many, many languages


Index Compliant Braille Quality

The braille quality produced by Index V5 printers is compliant with the Braille standard established by authorities in most countries.

Universal Children's Day-X

Universal Children’s Day: Inclusive quality education for children who are blind or partially sighted

FanFold-D Construction Concept->

FanFold-D V5 the new high speed production Braille embosser based on well proven BrailleBox V5 technology platform. It combines excellent dot quality, high speed, low maintenance cost, and competitive price.