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Gap between print head calibration

BrailleBox and FanFold: This function is used for calibration of the distance between the block of braille produced by one printing head to next printing head.

Head reference position

The adjustment of reference position for embossing head 1, 2 and 3. Positioning the braille block in a straight line in printers with several embossing heads. (BrailleBox, FanFold)

Delay time for solenoids

By adjusting the delay time for solenoids the vertical alignment of the braille cell is adjusted.

Everest V2 paper calibration-X

Complete a paper calibration if the page layout is abnormal, the pre-fold line is out of position or after reloading embosser firmware.

paper calibration - 4X4 PRO V2-X

If the page layout is abnormal(0 lines per page), the pre-folded line is out of position or after reloading the embosser firmware you will want to complete a paper calibration.