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Braille editors

Using DBT with Index V5-X

Duxbury will implement V5 support by May 2016. Until then Index V5 embosses may be used by setting it up like corresponding V4 model.

odt2braille Installation-X

Odt2braille, the open office free braille editor, now supports Index V4 embossers. The biggest limitation is that you must use "Unspecified" embosser. With "Unspecified" you have to setup the lines per page and characters per line to the same values in the odt settings and embosser settings.

How to emboss from Mac-X

Embossing on a Mac is easy. There are though a few more more steps to preform in order to emboss on a mac than embossing on a Windows machine. The steps are however quite easy to learn. This document will show you the installation process and the steps to perform for embossing.

Error 213 - How to adjust to fit DBT lines/page-X

In V4 embossers, number of lines per page is sometimes calculated to a lower value than in Duxbury DBT. When this occurs the embosser stops and will echo Error 213. This is solved by sending a file to the embosser with IbPrint.

Getting started with Duxbury 11.1 SR4 -Generic-X

Duxbury 11.1 SR4, published 24/2-2012, supports Index V4 and V3 embossers. For the best support, it is important to have the latest Duxbury release. For installation purposes, the page layout set-up on the embosser and Duxbury page layout must correspond with one another.


WinBraille braille editor software is no longer supported. View for a list of recommended braille translation software.