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How to find spare parts for Index Embossers

All spare parts for V3, V4 and V5 embossers are described; including the part number in the exploded view documents located in the "downloads" section. The spare part web shop is available for ordering spare parts; access to this function is required.

Everest-D V4 Paper setup troubleshooting-X

The sheet feeder is optimized for the use of braille paper and has probably the most stable functionality on the market. However it is important to know how to set it up correctly.

Paper jam message on Basic-D V4-X

If the Basic-D V4 echo message "paper jam" but the paper movement seems to be OK. This is typically an issue generated by a faulty sensor or sensor holder. It may be corrected by sending a file to disable the paper jam sensor.

Basic-D V4 start up trouble shooting-X

This guide describes how to ensure the Basic-D V4 has started up correctly as well as embossing properly the braille for each of the hammers. Please note, the content in this section is subject to change, we welcome your feedback.

Montage of Basic-D V4-X

This documents presents the final montage instruction and exploded view document Basic-D V4.

Fix tilted/faulty hammer V3/V4

Do you perform a hammer test and one or more of the hammers appear to not print properly? Check to see if you need to adjust the hammers.

Upgrade your login to distributor access

As a distributor you will receive additional access from our homepage including: sales and web shop, spare parts and repair, demos, downloads, volume discounts, support and knowledge base.

V4 Power trouble shooting

The Index V4 embosser is powered on and powered off by pressing the ON or OFF button for approximately two seconds.

Low braille quality on some hammers

Does it appear like dots are missing or your machine has begun embossing weak braille dots? Then you most likely need to change a hammer with in the embosser head.

Braille PDF/Word files directly in Windows

With Index-direct-Braille you may emboss a standard PDF/Word document , this is no longer required. Emboss literary or contracted braille simply by right click on your PDF/Word file and select you Index V4 embosser. The translation and formatting will be made by your V4 embosser.

Braille Box Improvements - Upgrades-X

The following list of improvements includes product changes and the date of implementation in the production. The Index policy for Braille Box upgrades is to offer upgraded parts to all Braille Box owners previous August 2013.