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Setup the V5/V4 embosser for idB

  • Make sure the latest firmware version for your embosser version (V5 or V4) is installed.  Press the HELP button on the control panel and the embosser will echo the current firmware version.
  • Setup your paper format, duplexing and margins in the MENU tree:
    • Select paper size 
    • Select duplexing; single or double sided, saddle-stitch binding (booklet format), z-folding
    • Select margins [binding and top]: to enable margin setup; select number of lines per page |characters per page. These values must be lower than the maximum number to allow room for margins. 
  • Select the Liblouis translation file, Grade 1 (G1) literary or Grade 2 (G2) contracted.
    • V5: start the standard wizard by pressing OK in the MENU tree. Follow the braille translation wizard by setting up the language, braille grade and version. 
    • V4: The Liblouis menu is located in MENU/Braille settings/Liblouis setting (synthetic speech) // first level=language /// second level=translation grade where G0=computer braille | G1=literary braille | G2=contracted braille. There are more than 140 translation files.  When searching for your file it is recommended to use this list of file as a guideline.  
  • The factory default Liblouis table is English unified Grade 2 (contracted)