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Latest V5 Firmware

Latest V5 firmware is available free of charge.

  • Upgrade via internet
    This function is available when the Index V5 printer is connected to a wired or WiFi network port with internet access.
    Select “Upgrade firmware from internet” from the control panel or use the BrailleApp menu.
  • Upgrade from USB memory
    Download the latest V5 firmware from the link in the footer of this page and save it on a USB memory. (file name: embosser-update-yyyy-mm-dd.zip)
    Insert the USB memory to the V5 printer USB-host port. Select firmware upgrade from the USB memory at the control panel or use the BrailleApp menu.

Link to firmware upgrade instruction


Firmware V5: 2022-03-21 includes the following:

Several improvements to the BrailleApp and embosser
  • Liblouis 3.19.0 is now used for text-to-braille translation.
  • BrailleApp localization
    • Kazakh, Portuguese (Brazil) and Urdu languages have been added to the supported list. 
    • French translations have been updated.
  • Speech translation improvements
    • Danish, French and Russian translations have been updated.
  • New embosser manuals
    • Danish and Spanish "Getting started" braille manuals have been added.
  • Flash parameters
    • Hardware related parameters are now stored in flash and will be used with priority over the ones stored in the file system.

Hotfix 2022-03-21:

  • Added support for a new hammer batch (2213). (FW2-4990)

Hotfix 2022-02-15:

  • Added support for a new hammer batch (2203). (FW2-4968)
  • Hardware related parameters are now saved to flash. (FW2-4969, FW2-4977)
  • Fixed issue with command 510 to clear the spool directory and the document in memory. (FW2-4973)

Hotfix 2022-01-11:

  • Fixed a bug that would cause speech interruptions. (FW2-4963)
  • Fixed command for clearing the spool directory. (FW2-4965)
  • Fixed path issue for the embosser keyboard. (FW2-4955)
  • Added error messages in case setting the WiFi MAC adress fails. (FW2-4962)

Details on release Firmware V5: 2021-11-17

New functionality

  • Added "Getting started" braille manuals for Danish and Spanish. (FW2-4917, FW2-4933)
  • Added improved Danish, French and Russian speech translations. (FW2-4934, FW2-4939, FW2-4946, FW2-4950)
  • Kazakh, Portuguese (Brazil) and Urdu languages have been added to the BrailleApp and they are now available to be selected on the Settings page. (FW2-4910, FW2-4948)
  • French translations for the BrailleApp have been updated. (FW2-4940)
  • Added support for the new S-U300 servo. (FW2-4929)
  • Serial port is now read from the slave configuration file. (FW2-4922)
  • Added command for force closing of braille tray for BrailleBox V5 (FW2-4941)

Bug Fixes

  • Removed localization for BrailleApp shortcuts. (FW2-4909)
  • Fixed a bug that caused blocking calls to update manager. (FW2-4944)