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Latest V5 Firmware

Latest V5 firmware is available free of charge.

  • Upgrade via internet
    This function is available when the Index V5 printer is connected to a wired or WiFi network port with internet access.
    Select “Upgrade firmware from internet” from the control panel or use the BrailleApp menu.
  • Upgrade from USB memory
    Download the latest V5 firmware from the link in the footer of this page and save it on a USB memory. (file name: embosser-update-yyyy-mm-dd.zip)
    Insert the USB memory to the V5 printer USB-host port. Select firmware upgrade from the USB memory at the control panel or use the BrailleApp menu.

Link to firmware upgrade instruction


Firmware V5: 2020-10-20 includes:

Several new important features for the BrailleApp.
  • Added predefined template labels.
    • Choose from a variety of template labels, based on Avery standard.
    • Export your own template and share it.
  • Added support for setting the Time.
    • Beside timezone, it is now possible to set the embosser time and date.
  • Localization support included.
    • For the moment available only in English, Swedish and Romanian.
  • Improvements to the Label editor user interface and rules.
    • Save as... option added.
      • Choose your format (IBEJ , IBE or Template IBEJ) and save the label with the desired name.
    • Added constraints for setting the outer margin distance value for labels.
      • It cannot exceed a third of the maximum between vertical and horizontal label distancing.
    • Moved the Extra dialog in the Settings tab.
    • Renamed items for frame dot distance to improve the clarity.
  • Improvements to the GUI design of the Communication page.
    • Wider IPv4/IPv6 input fields, to allow displaying longer data.
    • Included detailed information for power switches.
    • Adjustments to panels in order to provide a more symetric feel.
    • Added borders for all tables and lists etc.
  • Improvements to the preview editor.
    • Save as... option added.
      • Choose your format (IPF, BRF or IBE) and save the file with the desired name.
    • Page and cursor position is now maintained when switching modes.
    • Switching between modes for large documents will display a progress.

Several new improvements to the embosser.
  • Liblouis 3.15.0 is now used for text-to-braille translation.
  • Added IPv6 support.
    • You can now connect to the embosser using the IPv6 protocol, for both WiFi and Wired networks.
  • Added forced update support.
    • It is now possible to redo an update through the forced update option in the embosser Protected menu.
  • Added connection support for the new remote-support site.
    • This brings remote access to the BrailleApp, which leads to faster, easier and more reliable support.
  • Added ESC sequence for activating pages in volume.
    • PV - Pages in volume.
    • VN - Volume page no.

Hotfix 2020-12-10:

  • Fixed regression bug that caused spaces in label editor to be converted to dot 6. (FW2-4559)
  • Fixed regression bug that caused previewing in MIT to display random numbers and text. (FW2-4566)

Hotfix 2020-12-03:

  • Liblouis has been updated to version 3.16.1. (FW2-4498)
  • Fixed bug that caused the embosser to select the wrong Liblouis table for those with similar name and version. (FW2-4531)
  • Fixed bug that caused missing dots for FanFold. (FW2-4551)
  • Fixed bug that caused editing documents in MIT mode to result in wrong format. (FW2-4530)
  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused the preview to hang when selecting Text mode. (FW2-4524)
  • Label name is now shown in the label settings list. (FW2-4499)
  • Label template region changed from UK to Europe; added region for UAE. (FW2-4500)
  • Creating or opening a label will now reset the mode to Braille (default). (FW2-4525)
  • Implemented automatic fixup for broken documents, by accessing the preview. (FW2-4537)
  • Temporarily disabled IPF files preview from USB media due to error. (FW2-4552)

Details on release Firmware V5: 2020-09-15

New Functionality and Improvements

  • Opening the door is no longer possible while the embosser is printing. (FW2-1347)
  • Out of bounds origos for floating pages are now rejected by the embosser. (FW2-381)
  • Improved paper jam detection in Basic models. (FW2-1848)
  • Printing any type of document will now show a busy message in the BrailleApp. (FW2-3983)
  • Busy dialogs are now queued in order to avoid overlaying. (FW2-4284)
  • Text is now left aligned, for better readability. (FW2-4203)
  • Added forced update support. (FW2-4242)
  • Renamed items for labels frame dot distance to improve the clarity. (FW2-4244)
  • Added constraints for setting the outer margin distance value for labels. (FW2-4245)
  • Image captions are not maintained for EPUBs. (FW2-4260)
  • Added a progress dialog for long operations, like changing modes in preview. (FW2-4264)
  • Improved the calculations for the paper Lines per page and Characters per line, for the Floating Preview and Label Editor. (FW2-4297)
  • Added connection support for the new remote-support site. (FW2-4308)
  • Removed the "Selected file" text from the browse field. (FW2-4318)
  • Added ESC sequence for activating of pages in volume. (FW2-4364)
  • Improved the graphical user interface of the Communication page. (FW2-4365)
  • Cursor position and page is now maintained when switching preview modes. (FW2-4394)
  • Added the possibility to connect to open WiFi networks through ESC command files. (FW2-4402)
  • Added localization support for the BrailleApp - currently available only in English, Swedish and Romanian. (FW2-4182)
  • Braille layout preview page is now showing localized detailed information about the parameters. (FW2-4335)
  • Improved the internal Bluetooth components. (FW2-4243)
  • Added IPv6 stateless autoconfiguration support for the networks. (FW2-4259)
  • Added predefined template labels. (FW2-2708)
  • Added the possibility to generate template labels. (FW2-4333)
  • Added a browse for labels button in it's section. (FW2-4238)
  • Implemented the possibility to change the date and time of the embosser. (FW2-4246)
  • Added information button for the User defined paper creation. (FW2-4334)
  • Liblouis updated to release version 3.15. (FW2-4379)
  • Hammer batch value 1799 will now be replaced with 1735 when the embosser is starting up. (FW2-4416)
  • Hammer batches prior of value 1714 will be using the default values instead. (FW2-4425)
  • Added forced update option in the Service menu of the BrailleApp. (FW2-4432)
  • Added option to reset configuration for trusted WiFi networks. (FW2-4418)
  • Buttons for selecting or browsing for a label are now disabled, while there is one active in edit mode. (FW2-4420)
  • Template labels list can now be shown in both imperial and metric systems. (FW2-4440)
  • Added .template files support to the BrailleApp (FW2-4461)
  • Label Editor will now display the Liblouis table used. (FW2-4463)
  • Updated the template labels to match the Avery formats - can be identified by their id. (FW2-4464)
  • Changed the label editor and preview of document export button to save as... (FW2-4477)
  • Added option to set a file name when saving a file. (FW2-4487)
  • Save as IBE will now include the MIT content. (FW2-4489)
  • Added templates based on regions, for Avery labels. (FW2-4490)
  • Improved the design for display of IPv4 and IPv6 details. (FW2-4476)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that caused wired network configuration to not work until a system restart. (FW2-4224)
  • Fixed bug that caused embosser freeze when changing wired network mode from the embosser menu. (FW2-4377)
  • Fixed bug that caused B5-Landscape paper to not be found. (FW2-4252)
  • Fixed issue that caused last update date to be showing different in the embosser menu and information page. (FW2-4300)
  • Fixed issue that caused Swedish locale for the BrailleApp to not be loaded. (FW2-4312)
  • Fixed bug that caused user defined paper to be shown way too large, in the Label Editor. (FW2-4336)
  • Fixed bug that caused forced update to work only for online mode. (FW2-4366)
  • Fixed bug that caused offline update to show as unavailable after an online update check. (FW2-4381)
  • Fixed bug where selecting the web/desktop version of the BrailleApp would result in white screen, on iPhones. (FW2-4423)
  • Fixed bug where re-plugging the ethernet cable, while the WiFi is on, led to connection failure. (FW2-4400)
  • Fixed pasting bug with content taken from MIT mode. (FW2-4412)
  • Fixed bug where printing from legacy label editor didn't work. (FW2-4439)
  • Fixed minor bug where the visual representation of labels page was off by a few pixels. (FW2-4442)
  • Fixed minor bug for warning message regarding the outer margin max value. (FW2-4441)
  • Fixed bug with connection to hidden wifi networks. (FW2-4483)
  • Fixed bug where changing the WiFi region didn't update correctly. (FW2-4486)