Jun 16, 2017

Index Newsletter

V5 exploded views

The open information on Index printers make it possible for everyone to see 'inside' our printers. This provides a better understanding and possibility to find spare parts.

BrailleBox V5 in stock

BrailleBox V5 in stock
BrailleBox V5, the most sold production printer in the market, is now available in stock. 


BrailleBox V5 exploded views

The exploded views help you to understand the technology in Index Braille printers. You may also read How to find spare parts.

Everest-D V5 exploded views

Basic-D V5 exploded views

Interested in the spare part web shop?

To get access to Index spare part web shop, you have to be registered on Index website. Please contact Index Braille if you need the access.