Jul 10, 2019

Index Newsletter

Donation and Firmware update

University of Sarajevo was the receiver of Index donation program. Latest firmware update includes a fix to stabilize the print head reference position on FanFold-D.

Donation to University of Sarajevo

Donation to University of Sarajevo
Last 27 of June it was our pleasure to officially hand over an Index Everest-D V5 and Acoustic Hood Everest to the University of Sarajevo in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Last year’s Index Donation Program counted several contenders and the winner was University of Sarajevo. The University’s Rector, Prof. Dr. Rifat Škrijelj, received the first printed braille material from Niels van Weele, International Sales Manager of Index Braille.

University of Sarajevo is very active in assisting students with disabilities and is now able to offer more braille materials to their visually impaired students. By means of actively promoting the use of braille at the University, it will attract more visually impaired students to study and to assist them with books and hand-outs in braille.

The donation will be important to further ensure an inclusive environment and improved support for equal opportunities for all students.

The University of Sarajevo (“Univerzitet u Sarajevu”) has 25 faculties, three Academies and five Research Institutes, and offers work to nearly 2.600 persons for approx. 27.000 students.

Firmware 2019-07-05 Hotfix

The search for printing head reference point in FanFold-D is now improved. This is solving the issue of a "step" in the braille cell which sometimes accoured on FanFold-D with previous firmware. A new user menu for easy adjustment of alignment between the printing heads for FanFold-D is added. 

Please find detailed information about the hotfix in below link.