Sep 24, 2019

Index Newsletter

African Forum, Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Basic-D, Everest-D and the BrailleBox are presented at the event.

Africa Forum

Africa Forum
The 2019 Africa Forum on Visual Impairment is held at Intercontinental Addis Hotel, Etiopia, October 7-11. The focus will be on United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal #4: achieving equality in education through innovation, access and lifelong learning.

Conference theme — "Achieving the Sustainable Developments Goals through innovation, access, and lifelong learning".

Index Braille printers are presented by Mr. Bjorn Lofstedt and Mr. Niels van Weele. 

BrailleApp overview

BrailleApp overview
The BrailleApp is free, can be used by several PCs at the same time and supports all models of Index V5 printers. 

It includes:
  • Braille Printing in literary or contracted Braille from standard documents in more than 150 languages 
  • Braille editor functions with previewing, editing and saving
  • Braille layout editing, monitoring and selecting
  • Monitoring of the embosser status
  • Communication setup, network and Bluetooth

Index Braille printers

Index Braille printers

The Index Braille embosser line offers high-speed embossing and exceptional braille quality at an affordable price.