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Index BrailleApp

The Index BrailleApp is a game changer of Braille editors. It is included free-of-charge, for unlimited number of users in all Index V5 printers.
  • Braille editor with Previewing, editing and saving of the braille document
  • Braille layout monitoring, selection and editing
  • Monitoring of the embosser, status, update, network, Bluetooth and USB memory stick
  • Communication setup, network and Bluetooth
Index BrailleApp is available in all Index V5 printers, connected to a LAN and upgraded to the latest firmware. 
  • Supports literary and contaracted barille in more than 150 languages (Liblouis table)
  • Intuitive setup. The BrailleApp uses the translation and formatting parameters defined by the printer's active layout.
  • Easy to use, no license or registration is required.
  • Supports all major operation systems such as Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, Unix.
  • Supports all majors browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox. 
Connect the BrailleApp
Print standard file
Edit braille text
Layout handling
Printer monitoring
Login to the BrailleApp
Protected service​

Link to BrailleApp mock-up