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Our values

Index Braille's first braille embosser drew from one person's needs to emboss braille. She was the mother of the company's founder Bjorn Lofstedt. She was an active woman who sought to express herself in the only language she could read: braille. 

Since then Index Braille has become a world player. Customer demands have multiplied, and sales have increased thousandfold; however, the company's focus hasn't changed. Our customers and their needs are still the most important priorities for us.

Higher quality

You will feel the difference when embossing braille with an Index Braille printer. The dots are perfectly shaped and comfortable to read. Even when printing double-sided braille, every dot is crystal clear.

The Index Braille embossers have a higher price performance ratio than other braille embosser brands. This means that an embosser from Index Braille is more durable, has a faster speed and prints better quality braille than any other embossers within the same price range as competitors. 

Innovative strategies

Index Braille was the first braille embosser company providing countless advanced features, such as double-sided braille embossing, sheet feeding for cut-sheet paper and much more. Index Braille is still the only braille printer producer to manufacture its own single-sheet feeders, making Index Braille embossers a unique refined product.

Index Braille's focus on braille development and innovative design has swiftly made the embossers faster, better and more sought-after by braille readers. In 2016 the new V5 embosser line was released. V5 is a strong family of embossers, taking the lead in braille technology and user-friendliness for many years to come. 

In the new V5 embossers line some new functions have been added, including Index-direct-Braille (idB), which is a direct printing application to print standard files, e.g. .doc, .docx, .txt, .pdf, directly without a separate braille editor. With idB, you can convert files directly to either literary (Grade 1) or contracted (Grade 2) braille. No registration or license is required. 

On top of this, embossing braille from your mobile devices is now possible. You can emboss braille from your smart phone and tablet.   

Corporate Social Responsibility

Index Braille provides support to organizations and schools that lack of braille printing resources. 

Lean production

Index Braille makes a continuous effort to keep the price as low as possible while sustaining its high quality braille embossers. The last step in this ongoing process is a more efficient production line that has at least doubled the company's production speed. Through hard and dedicated work, Index Braille's customers will continue to receive high quality products at the market's lowest price.