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Braille quality

Improvements on New Generation V5 Solenoids:
  • Increased mechanical impact with less electric energy
  • Higher maximum frequency
  • Not temperature sensitive
  • Long life cycle
  • Possibility to clean the solenoid from paper dust
  • Dot forming height 0,58 mm
Energy defined braille dots
The forming of the braille dot in an Index printer, is defined by the movement energy of the piston, in the moment when the dot is formed. With the principal of movement energy is the position of the pin/anvil not critical and it will be self adjusted during the forming process.  

Index dot forming process require a low number of moving parts. 13 solenoids are used In Basic-D/Everest and 39 in BrailleBox and FanFold-D. This can be compared with more than 500 moving parts in some of the eccentric based braille printers. With many moving parts the likelihood of mechanical failure will increase.