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Braille editors

A braille editor or braille translation software is required to make text to braille documents for any braille printer. Please see the list below of preferred braille editors and tactile graphic softwares to begin writing braille with your Index Braille embosser.

Both paid and free of charge translation softwares are available in the market. Many of these softwares are available in numerous languages. 

Index BrailleApp

The new Index BrailleApp can so far print braille, preview, edit a translated braille document and manage the setup of the V5 printer. Read more


With Index-direct-Braille (idB) Word files may be braille directly to Index V4 and V5 embosser without the use of an external braille ...Read more

DBT Duxbury US

Duxbury's famous braille editor is the most sold braille editor in nearly all world languages for more than 25 years.Read more


Odt2braille is a Braille extension of the free text editor available with both OpenOffice Writer and Libre Office. Odt2braille enables ...Read more


Euler is an application that opens text documents in multiple formats and converts them to braille form. Converted documents can be ...Read more


Biblos Home is a customizable braille editor. It also include tactile graphics functionality and is free of charge. Read more

Braille 2000 US

Braille2000 is a tool for producing Braille. With the click of a mouse a braille document is sent to a braille production center, school, ...Read more


PictureBraille is an easy solution for the production of tactile graphics on a braille embosser. Printed images can be: scanned ...Read more

CX for Word (Sweden)

Commersial: CX for Word is a Braille Translator working as an add-in to Microsoft Word. All word processing and printing is done within ...Read more


Blind people have always considered the study of Mathematics as a difficult problem to solve, that strongly hindered the chance to ...Read more

BME2 Braille Music Editor

BME2, Braille Music Editor 2, is a new tool allowing blind musicians (amateurs or professionals) to write music scores, to check, to ...Read more