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ElPicsPrint tactile graphic editor

The ElPicsPrint software is designed especially for preparing and embossing images on Braille embossers manufactured by Index Braille. A tactile image is a source of information about the object drawn on the image for those who explore it with fingertips, just like a usual image in full color is such a source for a sighted user. With ElPicsPrint you will be able to prepare and emboss an image that will be clear and comfortable for using by blind customers. ElPicsPrint allows you to make a tactile illustration to any section of a textbook, to create your own illustrated books for kids of preschool and school age, to emboss an outline of a university campus and much more.

Contact info: Elita Group LTD 
phone: +7 (495) 748 96 77,
Fax: +7 (495) 706 50 64 



Download link http://elitagroup.ru/download/ElPicsPrint_Setup.zip 
EiPics video link https://youtu.be/2j0rkjibMIU 

Converting images to tactile (dotted) view for further embossing them in Braille;
Embossing a prepared tactile image on Index Braille embossers;
Image formats supported for importing: JPG, PNG, BMP;
Using floating head embossing if supported by the embosser and firmware version;
Embossing on A4 or A3 paper sheets;
  • Saving a prepared image to a file that can be opened and embossed on a PC with a Braille embosser connected;
  • Recognizing Braille signatures for the sake of separating Braille text from the image itself while cropping;
  • Possibility to add borders around the image;
  • Possibility to rotate the image by 90 degrees in order to emboss it in portrait orientation;
  • Possibility to adjust upper and lower thresholds for image detection (applicable for images in full color).
  • Interface languages: English, Russian, and Ukrainian.
  • An Index Braille embosser version 4 or later is required for the software to work.
  • Along with the software you get several images ready to be embossed for testing purposes.
  • Fully functional demo mode for 14 days.