Mar 17, 2021

Index Newsletter

Firmware 2021-03-16

The BrailleApp is now localized in eight languages. The embosser menu navigation by the control panel has been improved and bugs are fixed.

Latest firmware summary

Latest firmware summary
BrailleApp features
  • The BrailleApp is now localized in eight languages plus English. 
    • Menus
    • Information text
    • Tool bar buttons
    • Icon text
    • Information messages
  • Language is defined in BrailleApp by the default language setting of your browser
  • Backup layout is presented in descending order
Embosser improvements
  • In this firmware the OK key and arrow right key can be used for moving in the menu tree. 
  • Bug fixes

BrailleApp localization

Following languages are now implemented
  • English (default, Index Braille)
  • Finnish (Näköpiste)
  • French (CECIAA)
  • Hebrew (TSR Gaash)
  • Japanese (Extra Corporation)
  • Korean (Hexon)
  • Portuguese (Ataraxia)
  • Romanian (Baum Engineering)
  • Swedish (Index Braille)
The language is selected by the default language setup of the browser or in the BrailleApp/ Settings/ Language. 

Index Braille printers

Index Braille printers

The Index Braille embosser line offers high-speed embossing and exceptional braille quality at an affordable price.