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Paper fan fold 12"

  • Length 12"
  • Width 280 mm + tractor strips
  • Weigth 150 gram per square meter
  • 1000 pages per box
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Weight & dimensions


150 gsm (gram per square meter)

1000 papers per box


Length 12 inch

Width 280 mm plus tractor strips

Shipping size

49x36x25 cm

Shipping weight

14.4 kg


Latest Firmware

Latest V4 Firmware

Firmware 1.5.3 supports the new Index direct Braille which allows for direct printing of WORD and PDF files on Windows. On Mac OS X printing can be done directly using the normal printer dialogue from your preferred application!



Older firmware versions

V4 Firmware 1.5.1 build 66

New in firmware 1.5.1; New Linux image, Service mode during startup of Linux, Synthetic speech interface in Linuz kernel and automatic restore of SD card.



Index Braille printer driver 8.1.0

Supports Index embossers V4 & V3. Printer driver for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. This version fixes a problem on Windows 8.x where the printer prints garbage each time the printer is connected to the computer.


Mac OSX printer driver

Driver for Mac Operating system OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8. This is a raw-driver and not intended for use with e.g. TextEdit application.




Embossing head files

Embosser head files adjust the behavior of the embosser depending on the hammers inside the embossing head. On the embossing head there is a label with the hammers batch number.


Speech Tool V4 1.5.37

The Speech Tool V4 is used to make local speech feedback for V4 Index Embossers. It supports the models Basic-D V4, Everest-D V4, Braille Box V4 and Braille & Print.


TeamViewer client software

Index Braille support now has the possibility to give you support with remote control of your copmputer. We are using Team Viewer to be able to give you on-hand support.



IndexPrint is a drag and drop application for OS X to send preformatted braille documents (.brf, .brl or .txt) and firmware files (.ibe) to the V4 embosser. Tested on OS X version 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8.


Braille Table Viewer 1.0.4

The Braille Table Viewer is used to inspect a braille table generated by Embosser Utility 5. The file extension for a braille table file is *.ebc.


Braille Labeler

Braille Labeler is a freeware for making braille labels for CD's, books, boxes, pharmaceutical bottles etc. Simply type the text, position it on the label, translate it to braille and emboss. V4 embossers are not supported.



This BRLED V2 is used to edit and transfer own braille tables to Index embossers V2.



Sysconfig file to increase power on embossing head motors

The power on the embossing head motors found in Braille Boxes delivered before the summer of 2012 ran quite low. The effect may result in vertical alignment issues between the embossing heads. This may be solved by sending the "config_braill_box.ibe" file to the embosser via IbPrint. After the file is transferred all setup parameters is set to factory default.


Paper Guide Upgrade kit mounting instructions

The paper arms are now re-designed to avoid the risk of the paper getting stuck in the inner paper guide (arm) front hinge. This hardware improvement is implemented in all new Braille Boxes s/n 54320 and above.