Jan 17, 2019

Index Newsletter

BrailleBox available

The BrailleBox V5 is now available in the factory stock for quick delivery. Basic-D, Everest-D and FanFold-D have now a lead time of less than two weeks.

BrailleBox V5

BrailleBox V5
BrailleBox is a Braille printer for high volumes of braille production. Create hassle-free braille books instantly with this cut sheet fed embosser. Cut sheet-fed production Braille embosser at a truly affordable price.  

Excellent Braille Quality

Index Basic-D, Everest-D, BrailleBox and FanFold-D are now equipped with new generation of dot forming technology.

It has improved the braille quality to become better than ever.
  • Unlimited life cycle
  • Reduce power consumption of the printer
  • Continuous printing without significant temperature increase
  • Not sensitive for high room temperature
  • Possibility to increase the hammering frequency 
  • Better vertical alignment 

The right picture above shows the high Braille quality on a printout from an Index Everest-D V5 and the left picture shows the low dot quality of one of our competitor. The printouts are photographed at the same time, in the same light condition and are not adjusted with Photoshop.

Index Braille Printers

Index Braille Printers

The Index Braille embosser line offers high-speed embossing and exceptional braille quality at an affordable price.


Luleå Today 13:30 -25C

LuleƄ Today 13:30 -25C
In the north of Sweden, where Index Braille is located, it is cold and the days are very short this time of the year. But during summertime from June to July it will never get dark, not even in the middle of the night.