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Even better braille quality

hammer and anvilsA solenoid, or generally referred to as a 'hammer' here at Index, is what is used to form each braille dot.

After a several year-long development project, the V5 hammers are ready with their introduction in the BrailleBox V5. The precise dot forming technology depends upon the solenoids to form the dots by pressing the paper against an anvil of hardened steel. This method secures the high dot quality. As a braille reader you will notice the even better braille dot quality.

The Technical Improvements

Significant improvements on V5 Solenoids include:
  • Mechanical impact energy is increased by 50% - (even better braille dot quality).
  • Maximum frequency is increased from 100 Hz to 120 Hz - (faster embossing speed).
  • Power consumption is reduced to less than 50%.
  • The life cycle is significantly increased.
  • Make it possible to replace the front bearing