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Even better braille quality

hammer and anvilsThe solenoid is the core in a braille embosser. Since the beginning of moderns braille printers the solenoid has bean the weak components in all brands of braille printers. It has limited the braille dot quality, limited speed limited life cycle, require maintaining (replacement) and has been heat sensitive. The core technology used earlier on solenoids has been similar to solenoids in mechanical printers from the 80-ies.

With Index new generation V5 solenoids this is history. The change from older solenoids to this new generation can be compared with the change from analog to digital. The previous weak points has becoming the strength of the New Index V5 printers.

After a several year-long development project the new generation V5 hammers are ready and in volume production since October 2018. As a braille reader you will notice the even better braille dot quality.

The Technical Improvements

Significant improvements on V5 Solenoids include:
  • Increased mechanical impact with less electronic energy
  • Higher max frequency
  • Not temperature sensitive
  • Unlimited life cycle
  • 50% reduction of power consumption.
  • Possibility for a technician to open the new solenoid and clean it from paper dust.