Apr 12, 2019

Index Newsletter

BrailleApp information

The BrailleApp is a game changer in printing braille. It is free, easy to use, supports all Index V5 printers, enables preview, editing and saving of the braille document. With the BrailleApp there is no need to purchase a braille editor.

BrailleApp overview

BrailleApp overview
The BrailleApp is free, can be used by several PCs at the same time and supports all models of Index V5 printer.
  • Braille Printing in literary or contracted Braille from standard documents in more than 150 languages (Liblouis text-to-braille translation tables) 
  • Braille editor functions with previewing, editing and saving of the braille document
  • Braille layout monitoring, selection and editing
  • Monitoring of the embosser, status, update, network, Bluetooth and USB memory stick
  • Communication setup, network and Bluetooth

Connect the BrailleApp

Connect the BrailleApp
The BrailleApp is available in all V5 printer models. Several users can be connected to the same BrailleApp. To access it, type the printer IP address in the search window of the browser. 

Print standard files

Print standard files
Standard files (doc, docx, pfd) can be printed with a few commands. The braille document is translated (literary or contracted braille) and formatted, following the settings of the active layout in the V5 printer.

Steps to print from the BrailleApp
  1. Browse to the standard file
  2. Press preview icon
  3. Edit the braille file in braille (six-key-entry) or with text input
  4. Print

Layout handling

Layout handling
The embosser layouts can be handled from the BrailleApp in a similar way as from the V5 embosser control panel. Supported functions
  • Select active layout
  • View layouts 
  • Edit layout (from Firmware 2019-05)
  • Backup/restore layouts

Printer monitoring

Printer monitoring
The ongoing printing process on the V5 printer can be monitored from PCs in the LAN. The monitor function includes the status of
  • firmware
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi
  • wired network
  • USB memory stick
  • printer status
  • remote service functions  

Welcome to test the BrailleApp now

An internet based moc-up of the BrailleApp is now available on the internet. By following below link you can test the BrailleApp in your own browser. This moc-up version is based on firmware 2018-12-13.