Sep 1, 2021

Index Newsletter

Firmware 2021-08-31

Latest firmware is now available for upgrading via Internet. It includes updated speech feedback languages and BrailleApp menu in many more languages.

Latest firmware summary

BrailleApp features
  • The BrailleApp interface is now localized in 20 languages and English. 
    • Menus
    • Information text
    • Tool bar buttons
    • Icon text
    • Information messages
  • Several localized BrailleApp menus 
  • Set BrailleApp menu languages in
    • BrailleApp menu/ Settings/ Language/ Select language
    • Or by the default language setting of your browser
Embosser improvements
  • Speech feedback messages are optimized in following languages; Arabic, Czech, Danish, German, Finnish, French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Polish, Russian and Spanish.
  • Liblouis 3.18.0 text-to-braille translation is implemented
  • Text files (.txt) is now supported by the BrailleApp and by idB. 
  • High and normal impact level are implemented. Select it in Menu/ user service/ hammer impact. 
  • Bug fixes

BrailleApp menu languages

BrailleApp menu languages
Following languages are now implemented
  • English (default, Index Braille)
  • Arabic (Cybertech)
  • Czech (Spectra)
  • Danish (LVI Denmark)
  • Finnish (Näköpiste)
  • French (CECIAA)
  • German (Blista Brailletec)
  • Hebrew (TSR Gaash)
  • Indonesian (Foyer Media)
  • Italian (Cluster Voice) 
  • Japanese (Extra Corporation)
  • Korean (Hexon)
  • Malaysian (Index BrailleTech)
  • Portuguese (Ataraxia)
  • Polish (Altix)
  • Romanian (Baum Engineering)
  • Spanish (ONCE Spain)
  • Spanish Mexican (STA Mexico)
  • Russian (Elita)
  • Swedish (Index Braille)
  • Turkish (Beyid)
The language is selected by the default language setup of the browser or in the BrailleApp/ Settings/ Language. 

Index Braille printers

Index Braille printers

The Index Braille embosser line offers high-speed embossing and exceptional braille quality at an affordable price.