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Replace SD-card on Basic-D V4-X

How to replace an SD card:

  1. Remove the back plate by removing the two screws under the backside of the embosser and lifting  outward.
  2. Locate the SD Card and remove it. It is located on the main board between the Internet connector and the headphone connector. Press the card holder in, the card holder will  automatically rise making the SD-card easily removable.
  3. Insert the new SD-Card in position and close the card holder. The connectors on the SD-Card must be facing downward and against the center of the main board. Note: It is important that the SD card is not loose, ensure that the new SD card is securely fastened in the holder properly. 
  4. Power on, the echo Basic-D V4 will confirm the correct installation of the SD-card and begin start up sequence.
  5. Place the back plate back into its original position and insert the two screws.