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Everest-D V4 improvement list-X

The production date on each embosser is noted on the serial number label on the inner side of right "leg".

* = Upgrade parts/files availbe free of charge at www.indexbraille.com or on request.

2013-03-25 Mainboard -7

2013-03-05 Firmware 1.4.2

2012-12-17 Sheetfeeder cable is locked in position to prevent it from falling down between the plate and plastic cover during service. In earlier units it is highly recommended to use a tape for holding the connector before disconnecting the sheet feeder connectors.

2012-10-03 Firmware 1.4.1

2012-03-29 Firmware 1.3.9

2012-03-01 New V4 main board (no 1360 A6) with extra connector for development purpose.

* 2012-02-07 2392 Position Bracket for print head reference position is added. In earlier units the embossing head reference position was generated by moving it against the wall, this created a noise which is eliminated by this bracket which uses the existing paper sensor. This function can be upgraded on earlier units.

* 2011-12-12 Two screws on anvil profile. These screws are added for additional stability on the embosing head bearing profile and removed the risk for shipping damages.
Picture of the screw.

* 2011-07-01 Firmware 1.2.0 and EXT2 format on 2GB SD memory.

2011-05-10 New type of SD memory - 2GB without HC

2011-09-02 Mainboard -6 from sn: 50557