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Firmware for V5

The firmware for the V5 embossers is available free of charge. The update of the firmware is available as:

Update from internet
  • This function is available when the Index V5 printer is connected to a wired or WiFi network with internet access. For this update the embosser will downlaod the correct update file depending on type. Download and read  the firmware update instruction for how you can use the update from internet function.
  • Note: If your embosser has a firmware older then 2022-06-08 you need to perform the offline update with USB media.
Update with a USB media
  • Download the update file from a link below depending on your type of embosser. Follow the instructions on the download page or download and read the firmware update instruction for how you can use the update with a USB media.

Type of embosser and download file

Index BrailleBox V5 and Index Fanfold-D only have the 1365 type.

Index Basic-D V5 and Index Everest-D V5 can be of any of the two types, 1365 or 1366. 
To identify which type of embosser it is you can press HELP.
  • If the embosser doesn’t speak out the type it is of type 1365. (Firmware is older than release 2022 June 6th)
  • From release 2022 June 6th it will speak out which type it is. The type 1366 is only shipped with this release or higher.

Link to download for 1365

Link to download for 1366

Here you can read the firmware release notes