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Index Basic-D V5, Everest-D V5, BrailleBox V5 , and FanFold-D V5

Introduced in 2016, Index Basic-D V5, Everest-D V5, and BrailleBox V5 embossers have many improvements in terms of technology and user-friendly approach focused on our customers.

New developed features include:

  • Index-direct-Braille (idB), a direct printing application pre-installed in V5 braille embossers to print out standard files (doc, docx, pdf and epub3) directly without a separate braille editor. 
  • Mobile printing, a printing function from portable devices, including smart phones and tablet.
  • Printing via Wi-Fi, wired network or a USB cord.
  • Direct printing from a USB flash drive, guided by synthetic speech feedback. 
  • Basic-D V5

  • Everest-D V5

  • BrailleBox V5

  • FanFold-D V5, the high-speed tractor-feed braille embosser, is introduced in 2017.

Index Basic-D V4, Everest-D V4, and BrailleBox V4

The V4 embossers were introduced in Q2-2011. The embosser line is re-designed to improve quality, durability, service and ease of use. All models use the same mechanical and electronic platform. The ATC Braille & Print is based on Everest-D V4 platform, is single sided and has an integrated HP inkjet module. Market introduction Q1-2013.

Links to: Improvements on V4, Distributor improvement on V4

Index Basic-D V3, Everest V3, 4X4 PRO V3

All models of Index V3 embossers use the same main board and firmware.

Index Embosser V3

  • USB Port
  • Network Port
  • Paralell port, bi-directional
  • Serial port
  • Serial number 30000-49999
  • Basic-D V3 (double sided) 2002-2011
    Basic-S V3 (single sided) 2002-2006
    Product photo
  • Everest V3 2003-2011
    Product photo
  • 4X4 PRO V3 2004-2011
    Product photo
  • 4Waves PRO 2005-2014
    Product photo

Index embossers V2

Index embossers V1

The V1 category recaps embossers produced by Index Braille before 1995.