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How to upgrade firmware V4-X

The embosser firmware is loaded into the embosser to control functions, communication, speech feedback, braille tables etc. By upgrading the embosser firmware the access to the latest firmware features will be received and known bugs fixed. 

Before upgrading the embosser ensure that the unit is already equipped with firmware version 1.2.3 or higher. If your embosser has below 1.2.3 please contact support@indexbraille.com for the series of two SD cards in order to properly upgrade the embosser firmware. 

NOTE: Press HELP on the embosser interface panel to identify the current firmware version. 

To update the firmware on a V4 embosser:

  1. Open IbPrint
  2. Select the embosser that will be upgraded.
  3. Download the latest firmware file or open the file from the USB memory stick (under Firmware).
  4. Select and drag-and-drop the firmware file in to IbPrint (or IndexPrint for Mac OSX).
  5. Press Emboss. A series of beeps indicates that the updating process has begun. 
  6. The embosser will echo; "Embosser is restarting."
  7. The update may take between 30 seconds - 30 minutes. The embosser will echo the brand name and embosser model; this indicates a successful firmware upgrade.
  • Never reverse or roll back the firmware version to a previous version. This can cause damage.
  • Never turn off the embosser during a firmware upgrade. It will damage the SD card.