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Latest Windows 10/8/7 Printer Driver

If you require the specific MSI-files, e.g. if you need to perform silent/automatic installs on a domain,
please contact Index Braille support.

Release Notes - Printer Driver (Windows): 8.5.1

  • Updated embosser image resources quality. (WD-52)
  • Added support for EPUB file types. (WD-44)
  • Added support for DXB, IPF, BES, EBF and BRL file types. (WD-41)
  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused double click on IBE files to result in extension error. (WD-49)
  • Fixed bug that caused closing the properties window to trigger an error. (WD-45)
  • Fixed bug that caused crash when using Windows 10 interface to access "Printer preferences" tab. (WD-30)
  • Removed support for TXT and RTF file types because they are problematic at extracting the content. (WD-32)
  • Removed the "Printer Properties"  and "Current Layout" tabs as Bi-directional support is disabled due to stability issues. (WD-27)